Flavours, sizes and prices.

Our cakes are made up of a minimum of three cake layers, sandwiched together with a 'filling' and finished with either Swiss meringue buttercream or ganache. When selecting your flavour you are welcome to mix it up from the suggestions below- Have your cake and eat it too!



Signature Choc.
A classic and crowd favourite. Stacked and filled with whatever your heart desires. Peanut Butter Buttercream, Raspberry Coulis, Chocolate Ganache, Caramel- you name it. 

Vanilla Bean.
Heilala's vanilla is grown on rich Pacific soil and brings the WOW to our take on a classic vanilla cake. A touch of coconut and a drizzle of vanilla syrup, this cake is anything but 'vanilla'. We recommend pairing this with vanilla Swiss meringue and either berry coulis or if your feeling exotic, pineapple filling. 

Banana with toasted pecans.
Our household fave! Banana cake filled with candied pecan crumb, vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and our delicious caramel sauce. (Even better with a lashing of Rum!)

Sticky date and caramel.
Decadent sticky date cake with a subtle touch of spice. Best paired with caramel sauce, fudgey pieces and caramel buttercream. A great choice for wedding cakes being served as dessert. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Lemon, yoghurt cake, white chocolate and raspberry.
A super soft lemon cake with white chocolate ganache & our raspberry coulis. The recipe that's been with us since 2013, the most ordered wedding cake, the one, the only- Lemon yoghurt cake. We've done many variations of this cake, filled only with lemon curd or paired with vanilla Swiss meringue and passionfruit curd, you can't go wrong really. 

Classic Carrot.
Essentially counts as 1 serve of vegetables (right?). Moist layers of carrot cake, often paired with a classic caramel sauce or cream cheese filling. Another great candidate for toasted nuts. 

Fairy Bread! 
Yes, a kiwi classic. A favourite at birthday parties and just slice upon slice of fun! Vanilla buttermilk cake, spotted with (you guessed it), 100s and 1,000s. Sprinkle buttercream. Madness. 

Seasonal Special.
These flavours vary from season to season. Rose & pistachio. Pear, ginger & caramel. Gin, lime & elderflower. Roasted plum, rosemary & cream cheese cake. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gourmet traveller, our seasonal specials may be for you! 

Red Velvet.
A subtle mix of cocoa, vanilla and buttermilk, with everything in perfect harmony. A show stopping slice once served. Filled with cream cheese icing and finished with either white chocolate ganache or vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

No Bull its Chocolate.
Our vegan chocolate cake, filled with either coconut chocolate ganache, vegan caramel or egg fee meringue buttercream.


Sizing and pricing:

The below is a guide on serving sizes with their starting prices.
Depending on your occasion you may require larger dessert serves or smaller coffee/canape serves.
Below is a guide for tall round cakes, for custom 3D cakes that require sculpting or rectangle/wonderwall cakes please email us an inquiry.
A dessert serve is a minimum of 1" x 2" wide & 4" high. Coffee serves are half that again and perfect with a cuppa! 


6 inch, From $140
14 dessert serves or 28 coffee serves 

8 inch, From $175
26 dessert serves or 52 coffee serves 

Two tier, 7 inch and 5 inch, From $330
27 dessert serves, 54 coffee serves 

Two tier, 8 inch and 6 inch, From $365
40 dessert serves, 80 coffee serves

Three tier, 8 inch, 6 inch and 4 inch, From $595
46 dessert serves, 92 coffee serves








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